Post High School


Post High School Program

The Maurice Lucas Foundation is committed to creating equity in college access and supporting students who seek a post high school education. Our goal is to assist Maurice Lucas Foundation college students to successfully advance their education and move into their careers and life.

Achievement as Young Adults

Our college students receive persistent, proactive, and individualized mentoring, academic coaching and support throughout their enrollment and education in college or vocational training.

A Maurice Lucas Foundation Persistence Counselor will stay in regular contact with our students and families to provide a system of support for success in post-secondary settings.  They will engage and collaborate with higher education “partners” to best serve our students’ diverse academic, social and emotional needs.

To monitor our success, we will collect data and track students’ academic progress from successful enrollment and grades to completion rates.

How Can You Help?

We need capacity building support to establish this program. For more information on how you can assist, please contact David Lucas at (503) 880-4323.

To provide immediate support please Donate Online.