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The Need

The average graduation rate in Oregon is 80%, yet state test scores indicate decreasing performance in math - 32.1% and English Language Arts - 66.5% among 11th graders.

This indicates that achievement gaps persist. Statistics are even worse for students of color and those economically challenged. When it comes to math scores the gap is more than 20-points between white students and other racial groups. The gaps are similar in English Language Arts, but more students are passing the test. (OPB – September 19, 2019)

Continued support through high school is critical to the future success of our students. We follow our middle school students to whatever high school they choose in the greater Portland Area with tutoring, college and career prep, and life guidance. We are currently serving students at Grant, Benson, Jefferson, Central Catholic, DeLaSalle North, Hayes Freedom high schools.

Our Approach

Each grade in high school brings unique opportunities and challenges; therefore, our curriculum mirrors the experiences students will have as they advance in school and in life.

The Maurice Lucas Foundation provides academic support, SAT/ACT training, college application assistance, FAFSA assistance, community service connections, job shadowing opportunities, and study strategies. 

We also continue our mentoring and coaching programs, including special outreach to 9th graders that focuses on adjusting to high school. Statistics show that Oregon students who fall behind on earning class credits early in high school are less likely to earn a diploma in 4 years. Being engaged with our students during this time is crucial to establishing a positive academic trajectory. Oregon freshman who finish their freshman year with one-quarter of the credits needed to graduate have a 90% chance of graduating on time. Students who earn fewer credits only have a 40% likelihood of earning a diploma in 4 years.

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