At the Maurice Lucas Foundation, kids come first.

Through our combination of academic programs, character-building exercises, sports camps, and educational experiences, we challenge our students to discover who they can be. We partner with families, teachers, Title 1 schools, and business leaders to form a supportive community that works together to build resilient citizens and leaders.

We are in it for the long-term.

We model, teach, mentor, coach, and counsel from middle school through high school and beyond, continuing to provide guidance and support as they move into adulthood.

Our students are referred by their teachers and school administration as those who would benefit academically, emotionally, or who just want additional support. We are committed to our students and we ask our students, families, and partners to commit to us as well. 

We acknowledge each student as an individual and as part of a larger system, whether it is their family, school, community, or the world. Our student populations mirror the demographics of Title 1 schools. Our focus is to ensure that all students have a fair opportunity to earn a high-quality education, and the Maurice Lucas Foundation is there with support every step of the way.

We demonstrate resilience.

Seven Pillars are our guiding principles for all our programming. They inform our approach to character development and academics.

  • Goal setting
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Hard Work
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Positivity

We challenge our students to do their best in life and the classroom and coach them for measurable academic progress. Each success is a building block in developing resilient kids.

The Maurice Lucas Foundation has served more than 2,238 students and families through our Academy program since our inception and another 4,320 through basketball camps and teams.

In 2019, the Maurice Lucas Foundation completed a 5-year strategic plan that focuses on expanding our curriculum to meet the needs of the students we serve from middle school and into adulthood. Much of that work has been completed, and we are now focusing on expansion into more schools to serve more youth and families. For more information or to sponsor a new school, contact David Lucas at 503-880-4323.

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