Teaching life lessons through EDUCATION and SPORT

Just wanted to tell you that in our counsel session today the boys had many useful insights today, just good touchstones about how to lead your life. The counselor was very impressed with their maturity and asked them where they had learned the things they were referencing. Each time, they said, “Oh, we talked about it in ML.” Thanks to you and everyone at ML. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. It takes a village! And we’re lucky to be in such a great village.”

— Parent

The Maurice Lucas Foundation has taught me about my potential and how to get it. I need to work hard and stay focused. This program also taught me everything can’t go my way and there will be bumps in the road. I have dedicated three years because the program helped me to believe in myself and to achieve my dreams and think of new ones. The most important pillar to me is positivity. Positivity to me is making someone else smile and making their day better than yesterday.”

— Dalawntae – Student Grade 8

The Maurice Lucas Foundations has overall taught me to work hard for what I need. I have come a long way from being a talkative girl to now knowing my limits. I can look back and see the difference in success. I have dedicated three years to this program because it has motivated me each year to stay on a good path and not feed into temptation. It has brought structure to my school and sports.”

— Anayah, Student – Grade 8

The Maurice Lucas Foundation has taught me the seven pillars, the 3 D’s (Discipline + Diligence + Determination = Hard Work) and the equation for being a leader. They have taught me to make good decisions for myself and that my education is the most important thing and that no one can take it away from me. To the foundation I want to say thank you for making the path broad for success and narrow for destruction.”

— Graceson, Student – Grade 8

The Maurice Lucas Foundation has taught me that integrity is the key to living a life of respect. With respect you will have a positive attitude. Thank you, Mrs. Lucas, David and the staff for giving me the additional support through middle school.”

— Maliki, Student – Grade 8

Have I mentioned how much I love this program? It is just great. My daughter was saying the other day that she would not have near as good of grades without it. From my perspective, the stress in our home has dropped significantly because she is all done with homework before it is time for her to WIG out about it! Thank you so much for all you are doing for her.”

— Jennifer, Parent

Our kids were offered a spot at a private school this fall. I think one of the biggest deciding factors in keeping our daughter at Tubman this year was your program. Time consuming as it may be, she really felt that her academic success last year came from the help she received at ML. Thanks for all you do.”

— Jennifer, Parent

Tonight Julian and I had a nice talk at bedtime during which I told him that he doesn’t need to feel he always has to be the “good kid” (Tor and Leo both have consistent behavioral issues at home) and that he too is allowed to have bad days. He told me no, that he doesn’t want to be “rude like them,” largely because it’s really important to him that he become accomplished. I know there are some missing pieces there haha (he was falling asleep) but he did indeed attribute a lot of this he said to ML and you. If you only knew the hell I’ve been going through at home…you’d understand how very much it means to me to see him so motivated and focused and optimistic. I seriously can’t thank you and the ML family enough. The kids are so lucky to have gotten you during this time!”

— Marya, Parent