Student of the Month

Students of the Month – Jan, Feb & Mar

Students of the Month-congrats


Necalli - The student of the month for January is a great addition to the Maurice Lucas Foundation.  He is an example of all our pillars but specifically hard work and personal responsibility.  He maintains good grades and is respectful to his teachers and school staff.  Congrats to Necalli for being our January student of the month!

Annabelle - The student of the month for February is another amazing example of all our pillars.  She works hard and is personally responsible for her grades.  She is very respectful to everyone and is a compassionate friend to her peers.  As a positive, creative, kind-hearted student, we are lucky to call Annabelle our student of the month for February.

Harriet Tubman:

September - The student of the month for January displays leadership and positivity during programming and at school . She is a great communicator when in need of assistance and is always respectful to adults.  This student consistently displays hard work when completing assignments.  Congrats to September for being January student of the month.

Matthew - The student of the month for February has shown hard work in regards to his studies. His attendance during programming is consistent, and he brings a burst of positivity and good energy every day.  He is always respectful to adults when given instructions. He is just an overall ray of sunshine! Congratulations to Matthew for being February student of the month.

Atari - The student of the month for March is always on point in taking personal responsibility for finishing his work. He is always respectful to adults and his peers. This student is a hard worker and displays positivity both in the Maurice Lucas Foundation academy and during school.  Big congratulations to Atari for being March student of the month.