ML20 Enforcers

We have all witnessed history. The moment when we see something magically and then later that something becomes a thread in our history that's a movement. These moments for the Oregon City Pioneers is a movement for not just these girls but for every girl who ever had a dream. These girls are not afraid to put the work in to strive for greatness and EVERY girl should have access to an environment where that is their reality."


Meet Our Girls Enforcers Team

ML20 Enforcers 2023

In the past year, this group of exceptional basketball players has had a lot of success on and off the court. They have won 28 championships. Eight of the championships were in the eighth-grade division which means all of these girls were playing up one or two grades. Recently, the team stretched themselves to play against varsity high school athletes and won one tournament and came in second in two others. This is a result of an environment where dream chasing is encouraged.  These girls play their hearts out on the court and they are even greater role models and teammates off the court. The girls on this team have aspirations ranging from becoming doctors to becoming airplane pilots. We need them now to give us hope and we will need them to achieve to give us the leaders to keep our society thriving. 

These moments are a movement toward building our next generation and making space for understanding how to encourage girls to be all they dream.  We are witnessing how basketball can give girls access to all things possible. We are witnessing how basketball builds the spark needed to be all that girls deserve.

Help us give these girls access to their future, their dreams, our hope!

Join us in this movement, walk with us in this movement.