What We Stand For

Every child deserves an equal opportunity to succeed

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."   
      -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

This country’s epidemic of violence and hatred against Black lives stretches back centuries. It is no longer tolerable to those of us who judge others solely by the content of their character. At the Maurice Lucas Foundation, we celebrate diversity and demand that we move from discrimination and oppression to a nation of unity and equity. 

We recognize that so many members of our society are hurting. They are in pain. They feel fear. We are incensed that, after so many years, this nation has yet to achieve Dr. King’s dream. It is past time for real change.

In the United States, so many Black lives have experienced racism, so many generations have been held back by explicit and implicit racist systems. My father, Maurice Lucas, had to battle his way to success from a low socio-economic and low opportunity environment. Even I, who one might think had a life of advantage as the son of an NBA player, have dealt with the hurt and emotional trauma of racist acts simply because of the color of my skin. It is our responsibility to pave a brighter path, so our children do not perpetuate and or experience racism but have an equal and equitable opportunity to succeed on their own merit.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with those who oppose prejudice. We stand in solidarity with those who strive for equal rights for all. We support the American tradition of peaceful protests, of speaking up when we witness wrong, and of standing up for equity, inclusiveness, and justice.

We pledge to continue working with our like-minded partners to teach our students to be engaged, resilient citizens and leaders who stand up for what is right.

- David Lucas, Executive Director